Ambition of doing good.


Hans Edblad AB / Altavario has made the decision to run the business CO2-negative, ie all parts of the business must be measured, quantified and compensated. Every product delivered from my company must result in a net positive effect on the climate. I have the privilege of cooperating with the organization Stand for trees, which works with a number of different projects, primarily to stop deforestation in Africa and South America.

Comments on my choices; I have production in China, but strives to use minimal quantity of our products forwarded by air. Fortunately  jewelry weights very little and much greater effect has such factors as, for example, how employees gets to work, in China, often by bike ... Freight calculations are made by The hardest part to calculate is external production. My company is still small and adding consulting fees to do this now is a wrong priority, better then to use this money on compensation and my strategy is to overcompensate.

In addition to the climate aspects, I strive to use as much as possible only the best possible environmental materials, and avoid all types of plastics. Wherever possible, recycled materials should be used. Each product must be motivated out of a sustainable perspective. The Altavario concept is based on the possibility of being able to change, reuse, convert with existing elements.

CO2 budet for 2019

Type of activity Quantity Emissions CO2 in kg
Freight by boat Hong Kong / Gothenburg 2000 kg 597
Freights by air Guangzou / ARN 150 kg 1454
Travels by small car domestic 1500 mil 1125
Warehouse heating and  power 100 m2 Green supplier
Production mostly jewelry ca 10 000 pcs 5000
Telecom, computing etc 1000
Total for 2019 9 176
Offset by Stand for trees 30 000


Stand For Trees Certificates are high-quality verified carbon credits based on the proven REDD+ model and meet the rigorous standards set by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), each of which is a Verified Carbon Unit (VCU) issued by VCS. Further, all Stand for Trees projects have attained or are committed to attaining verification to the Climate Community and Biodiversity Alliance standard, a partnership of leading NGOs that includes CARE, The Nature Conservancy, and The Rainforest Alliance. The credits are registered on the world's largest environmental registry services provider, Markit, and meet Code REDD's peer-reviewed international Code of Conduct.